Download a Data Studio Report

There’s two different ways you can download a Google Data Studio report. Downloading the report as a PDF and downloading the underlying data. For reasons unknown, many executives and stakeholders refuse to click on a link that opens in their browsers. They prefer everything be a PDF that is attached in an email. For these … Read more

4 Ways to Share a Data Studio Report

Now 5 Ways… Unless you’re a one (wo)man show at your company, there’s going to come a time when you need to show people the data and what you’ve been working on. Luckily, Google has made it easy. Below are 4 ways to share your data studio dashboards with internal partners, clients, or your boss. … Read more

Calculate Percentages in Google Data Studio

Google’s data studio is great for basic reporting. To get the most out of it though, you’ll have to use some more advanced features. If you need a refresher on Data Studio, checkout the basics of Google Data Studio. The feature of today’s post is about calculating percentages. There’s two broad categories to calculate percentages … Read more

Day to Day VS Date to Date in Google Data Studio

When I started doing analytics for my first large retailer, I was introduced to a concept that I had never put much thought into. Weekly sales cycles. Most people would quickly realize that most businesses have yearly sales cycles. This is especially true for specialty retailers. Stores that sell snowboards sell more in the winter. … Read more

Emailing Data Studio Reports

One of the best features of Data Studio is the ability to email dashboards in PDF. Most people will be looking at dashboards on their phone, so it’s imperative that it shows up well on mobile. I learned very early in my career that when sending anything to people that will be reading on mobile, … Read more

How To Copy A Data Studio Report

Nobody wants to constantly build reports from the ground up. It’s a hassle whether you’re only doing it once and automating it in Data Studio. It’s even more of a hassle if you have to do it daily. Luckily, Data Studio gives you the ability to steal any dashboard that you have access to view. … Read more

Getting Started With Data Studio

If this is your first introduction to Data Studio and you’re a digital marketer, data analyst, or you just run your own website, you’re in for a treat. Your life is about to become much easier. What Is Data Studio Data Studio is Google’s reporting tool. Picture custom reports in Google Analytics, but on steroids. … Read more