Over-Analyzed Your Digital Business to The Point of Analysis Paralysis?

Need to know what to focus on next?

Need a technical site audit to see to see what you’ve missed

Built your business to your limit?

Accelerate your business with a website audit

Join thousands of others.

Actionable Steps for Actual Results

Who is a website audit for?

This isn’t for the person that spent a few hours standing up a website and put no thought into building the business.

This isn’t for the person that needs their hand held through every detail.

This isn’t for the person that plans to do this as a side hobby and forget about it in 3 months.

This service is for people that are putting in the work and want to grow their business.

For people that need to know what to fix and what to do. Not how to do it.

I built the BowTiedOpossum to help you *NOT* make the same mistakes I did and waste an enormous amount of time to get started.

My goal is to get you past the wishy washy beginner stage and get you to take action.

So what are you waiting for?


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